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Shipping & Recieving

Best Denture Dental Lab offers free pick-up and delivery services for your convenience. Simply phone in a pick-up when the case is ready and we will send a driver out to your office. If you need to have a case picked-up or delivered to a location other than your office, indicate that on the lab slip or call to let us know so that we can ensure a safe and on-time delivery of your case. BDDL drivers service a 15-mile radius.
For those of you with practices outside our delivery parameters, we offer service through a third party. When scheduling cases utilizing a third-party delivery service, please allow for two extra days of transport in addition to lab work times. Also, please let the delivery service know of any other specific information regarding where to pick-up and deliver cases. BDDL does not pick-up or deliver cases on Saturday or Sunday.

To ensure that your models arrive intact, we recommend wrapping each model individually or two models back-to-back. If sending alginate impressions, please wrap in moist napkins and seal in a plastic bag.
BDDL adheres to strict OSHA standards and Infection Control procedures. All cases entering the lab will be disinfected to ensure the safety of our technicians. We encourage you to properly secure the contents of your shipment to ensure the safety of our drivers and employees.


 To guarantee that requests are completed on time and correctly, please be sure to completely fill out all information. All special instructions and requests should be clearly written or drawn on the prescription.

Monday- Friday 8am - 5 pm, Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Removable prosthetics:
Setup Teeth 4 days
Process & Finish Denture 4 days
Custom Tray 2 days
Occlusion Records 2 days
Soft Reline 1 day
Reline 1 day
Repair same day pick-up before 10 am
Add tooth to Partial same day pick-up before 10 am   
Treatment Partial (Flipper) 2 days
Flexible Partial 4 days
Partial Framework 8 days
For your convenience, rush delivery is available. Please do not count Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays as production days.